On Friday 8 June, Club President, Philip Curl opened the refurbished clubhouse alongside former players who constructed the building in the 1970’s. Through many fundraising events and a grant from the National Lottery, Brisley Cricket Club have been able to completely rebuild and decorate the entire clubhouse, recreate the square which now has good consistent bounce and also upgrade the fencing, imperative when surrounded by stock on one of England’s largest lowland grazing common.


After many years floundering in the lower levels of the Norfolk Cricket League, the club had to withdraw from league cricket in 2015 due the decline of players and the club was set for a dreadful fate similar to many former village teams across the country.


What bucks the trend at Brisley is that decision along with a change of governance started the rebound and the club strengthened. Brisley started playing Friday evening 20 overs a side (20/20) friendly matches, with an emphasis on a fun and family friendly atmosphere.


Today, the side draws 60 to over 100 spectators from the village and surrounding areas every Friday evening during the high summer. The team’s themselves are now flourishing with a large base of players and a substitution system often has to be employed when more than 26 players are selected for two teams.


2018 sees the emergence of Brisley’s first ever Ladies team. On June 1, the team held their first intra-club match which attracted around 100 spectators which inadvertently became a major village event. The whole area is really excited with the advent of this ladies’ team, with 40 players already on the books.


Success on the field is driven by giving everyone who wants a go at batting and bowling the opportunity to do so, making sure the game is competitive but still fun for all players. The teams fundamental ethos during matches are to keep the honesty and integrity of the game which is synonymous to how English village cricket is viewed around the world.


Success off the field has come from a first-class BBQ, family atmosphere and an idyllic setting for people from all walks of life to get together and have a good time. An overall sense of positivity has really built the club over recent years which has increased the popularity during the season and also fundraising events held in the cooler months. The club not only attracts players, their families and cricket-enthusiasts, but a wide variety of members of local communities coming together to meet people or just to be a part of the welcoming environment.


The first “competitive” ladies match is on 15 June against Swardeston, the next is versus Snetterton on 29 June.


Gentlemen’s matches are on every other Friday evening through to 20 July playing a variety of local teams who want to play this new and exciting form of the game in a style that upholds the virtues of why all people across the Commonwealth love this game so much.


The Brisley Cricket Club openly invites anyone to come along and enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Matches start at around 5:45pm Friday evenings with food served from 7:30pm. We advise to bring your own chairs and good sense of humour.


The club is located on the Brisley Green opposite The Brisley Bell, NR20 5DW. The club has ample parking, facilities and a first-class pub across the road.

Picture from left to right: Roger Duffield, Peter Halls, Richard Parfitt & Philip Curl.