The Thatched House Update

Number 9

Can’t believe that its number 9, how time goes when you are having fun.

Anyway Friday saw us back on the gable end doing up job and at the top of the scaffolding. Clare ascended to the top deck of the tower with the dexterity of a skilled mountaineer. Joining her up there I did have a genuine bond with and understanding of how Hillary and Tenzing must have felt. Sadly we had no flag to plant, no camera to take our picture so got on with the job.

After about half an hour of soffit painting Clare asked if I would be able to reach and paint the “Pointy” bit. Being a highly skilled renovator I knew the correct name was apex but my instinct told me that it was not the time to be a smart arse so I bravely climbed higher and indeed painted the pointy bits.

I have to say that for those of you who have never had scaffolding then save up and get some. Forget the fact that you can work safely at height, the main benefit is that you can have a dammed good nose into people’s gardens. Embarrassed that I could feel a voyeuristic trait and reaching frostbite temperature we descended a level to carry on the work.

After a couple of hours we went down to ground level, the temperature seemed almost Mediterranean and blood seemed to gradually start to flow around our bodies. After a hot chocolate we both had the appearance of being alive

Dining on chicken and stuffing sarnies and sheltering from the lazy wind, that was too lazy to go around you, we spent a nice half hour.

After dog walking around the Amenity and repeatedly muttering obscenities about the thoughtless, pig ignorant, selfish “Somethings” that were too lazy or fat to bend over and pick up their dogs doo daah we went home.

Sneakily I nipped and got fish and chips and we munched them on trays balanced precariously on our laps watching Tele.

Every mouthful was begrudged by three dogs and one, rapidly learning bad habits, cat. They had that classic RSPCA look so inevitably got some of our food – pushovers or what.

Spent the rest of the evening de-stuffing our bellies and then waddled up the wooden, although ours are concrete, stairs to bed.

Anyway speak tomorrow

Before todays latest update from The Thatched House here is aome important information.
Suddenly dawned on me this morning, what with the number of new residents in Brisley and also all the people who are doing their daily exercise that I ought to point something out. If your daily meandering takes you past chez moi and should you hear what sounds like heavy breathing coming from the other side of the fence, fear not, don’t be alarmed! Tis not I attempting any form of physical activity but my dear Westie patrolling the perimeter.

The Thatched House Update

Number 10

Nice day the wind had dropped and the sun was out. More scaffolding climbing but now nice bits like painting. The gable end is not going to be a “Banksy” or a replica fresco from The Whispering Gallery, but it will look nice.

After the days labour we walked down School Road with the dogs towards The Amenity. If there is such a thing as “Bunting envy” then we definitely got it. Brilliant idea, very uplifting well done you Brisleyites.

On returning home Ryland was still on the airwaves and kym Sims started singing “Too blind to see it” – Without any discussion or prompting Clare and I started to boogie about tge dining room throwing shapes and moving previously immovable body parts. I wouldn’t describe myself as a natural dancer but I impressed myself with my performance. The dogs looked at us as if we had popped our frogs, then started barking their heads off, unsurprisingly I guess.

All too sudden the record finished and tea preparations resumed. As I chopped stuff I did wonder if indeed the odd frog had displaced itself. A couple of swigs of Carlsberg later and all seemed back in place.

As usual we over catered and had enough for an infantry. We decided to dish it out to the poor and needy. The reality is that we are going to drop it to an unsuspecting village friend who is neither poor or needy, But it makes us sound good and gets rid of our left overs.

Tea was nice and we then watched “Race Around The World” on catchup TV. We did think that it would be nice to race around anywhere, let alone the world. Still we will do our bit, which is not onerous compared with what some are sacrificing.

Listening to the news we couldn’t believe the selfish buggars that ignored the lockdown. May be harsh but I’d shoot them, they wouldn’t do it again !

Anyway take care and stay safe

Number 11

Sunday, bit like the old Sunday’s when I was a kid, very strange.

Anyway morning task was to plant asparagus crowns. JD had kindly donated the weird looking things to our veggie plot. Reading the instructions I realised that this was going to be a highly complex process and not like my normal chuck it in attitude.

I initially thought that I might have to nip up the loft and dig out my “Napiers bones”. However a couple of hours later the squid lookalike vegetable thingies were in the ground, as per instructions. Not sure what your loft is like, ours is full of stuff that you can’t get rid of but have forgotten what it is. Having a big loft it means most unknown, but unchuckable stuff, can be stored neatly.

It was a massive day in the house, Clare had finished her 1000 piece jigsaw. Having borrowed it from The Swap Box it had taken her 10 days, nipping in and out, to put the 999 pieces together, into a snazzy picture, sadly one bit missing.

As our bunting envy had not gone away, Clare decided to make some for us. Those that know Clare well will know that she is and probably never will be renowned for her crafting abilities. The sewing box appeared and the lid, almost welded on with lack of use, was forced open.

As I periodically stuck my head into the snug to check progress it reminded me of an episode of The Great British Sewing Bee The finished product Iooked great and we will have to guard it very closely.

Get sewing folks if Clare can do it then you can – “Bravo to Clare”.

I decided to continue and persevere with my strive for fitness and have another go at the bleep test. Two sticks 20 metres apart, plus a simple downloaded was all the equipment that I needed.

All I had to do was run up and down keeping up with the annoying bleep.

I reached level four which I think is somewhere between a child taking it’s first steps and negating the need to use a Zimmer frame. That said progress is progress.

As I collapsed onto the garden bench I reached for my previously prepared recovery drink.

Scientifically proven to aid recovery the tinnie of Carlsberg slipped down a treat. I did think that as my fitness improved I would need to increase my fluid intake.

We had the left over pasta for tea served dinner “A la Ping” which was nice. We watched The Antiques Road Show with Fifi sporting a very nice bright yellow coat and stylish had. As usual we wondered if any of our stuff held an amazing value, somehow I doubt it.

Anyway enjoy lockdown Monday, good news nice week ahead.

Take care and stay safe

Ian Clare and The Furries