The amenity area will be closed on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April for ragwort spraying (weather permitting). Access will be limited for the following 14 days and all dogs must be kept on their leads. Clear signage will be displayed.

The Parish Council are aware this is particularly unfortunate given the current Covid-19 situation but timing is critical when treating ragwort.

For information, ragwort is a specified weed under the Weeds Act 1959. It contains toxins which can have debilitating or fatal consequences, if eaten by horses and other grazing animals. Ragwort is less likely to be rejected by stock if dried and contamination of forage (hay, haylage and silage) is a particular problem. Humans may be at risk from ragwort poisoning through direct contact (e.g. hand pulling) or the consumption of contaminated food. It is necessary to prevent its spread where this presents a high risk of poisoning horses and livestock or spreading to fields used for the production of forage.