Saturday 16th September marked the day when the Allotment Society ventured out to measure and announce the winners of this years competition. It was a damp and breezy affair, and the measuring committee had great fun finding the best examples to be coaxed into being measured – particularly the pumpkins! The results were as follows, and winners announced over a welcome drink in The Brisley Bell:


Winner: Peter + Erica Dennis at 249 cm

Second: Alan Cross at 246 cm

Third: Hugh + Julia Fawcett at 208 cm

Fourth: Graham Bell at 176 cm


Winner: Andrew at 147 cm girth

Second: Richard Stratton at 144 cm girth

Third (Joint): Hugh Fawcett and Julia Peaver and Peter and Erica Dennis at 117 cm girth

Fourth:Jane Dykes at 128 cm

Fifth: Bruce and Jenny Cobby at 114 cm