Brisley Annual Parish Meeting

The next Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th May 2019 at 7.00pm.

DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllr E Coe (Chair)
Cllr K Brown (Vice-Chair)
Cllr N Curl
Cllr T Irons
Cllr P Dennis
Cllr B Green
Cllr H Collinge

County Councillor M Kiddle-Morris
District Councillor B Borrett
21 Members of the Public
Sheryl Irving (Clerk to the Council)

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were no apologies for absence.

2. Cllr Dennis proposed that the minutes of the annual parish meeting held on 4th April 2017 be signed as a true record, this was seconded by Cllr Green and agreed by council. The minutes were duly signed.

3. The Parish Council Chairman gave his annual report (copy attached).

4. Reports were received from the following local organisations.

a) Parochial Church Council (copy attached).
b) Village Hall Management Committee (copy attached).
c) Brisley CEVA Primary School (copy attached).
d) Brisley Cricket Club (copy attached).
e) Age UK (copy attached).
f) Allotment Committee (copy attached).

5. Cllr Dennis gave a report on the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (to follow).

6. C/Cllr Kiddle-Morris gave his annual report (copy attached).

7. D/Cllr Borrett gave a brief overview of Breckland services,including the recent changes to DIY waste disposal. He concluded by confirming that if anyone has any issues regarding Breckland they are very welcome to contact him.

8. The meeting was then thrown open to members of the public and the following issues were raised:

• A resident in Church Street was concerned about the speed and weight of the lorries travelling through the village at all times of the day, causing his house to shake. They were also causing damage to the pavements and verges.
It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate any measures which could be taken and, in addition, contact the company concerned to ask the drivers to take more care through Brisley. The Sam II sign was due in the village shortly and this is going to be sited in Church Street.

• A resident was concerned that the recently dug gruts in Gateley Road were once again filled-in, following the very wide farm vehicles using the road and queried the legal width allowed.

Cllr Dennis confirmed that the legal width was 3m, which was wider than most of the smaller roads, and 3.25m a an exemption licence.

• A resident raised the issue of the recent flooding on the B1146 between School Road and Harpers Lane.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this issue. The issue was the large capacity of water that the ditches, culverts etc were unable to cope with. However, the Clerk had contacted Highways Department and was attempting to try and resolve the issue.

• A resident raised the issue of the missing village sign.

The Chairman was pleased to report that the sign was nearly ready to go back into place. It had been difficult to find a craftsman able to complete the work at an affordable price.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.02pm.