Captains Report 

Brisley Cricket Club 2016 

Looking back at the AGM minutes, budget and plan for the 2016 season compiled 12 months ago, I can confidently say that we (BCC) have exceeded all expectations by a considerable margin. With an increased number of players, volunteers and spectators, the match evenings have come from a group of gentlemen playing cricket to a reasonably large village gathering with a game of cricket being played in the centre.

 Larger events lead to greater responsibility and effort to not only replicate this years feats but to also enhance the experience of both players and spectators. With this in mind and a greater amount of funds available due to generous sponsorship and monies raised through various forms of fundraising we were able to re-clad the outside of the clubhouse building, conduct essential maintenance on the shipping container, re-lay the cricket pitch with high quality loam and seed and also re-pay the loan to the parish council. On top of this, through the year we were also able purchase essential maintenance equipment such as an air compressor (to clean mower after use), grease gun (to keep many moving parts of mower lubricated), plus essential clubhouse equipment like brooms, first aid kit, a bin and sundry items that were otherwise donated by players.

 The matches played this year were a real mixture. The first being amongst ourselves which was a little ambitious as I believe we only made 18 players in total. The second match we played Dereham which was the closest we had to a serious match, but did start to attract decent crowds with a good match which sparked interest. The third match was the annual GOFF game, unfortunately they only had 5 players in the end, and off to a slightly wet start and using the covers from Dereham CC, we were able to play a match with about 18 players again. The fourth match was the first (although unsanctioned) international match hosted by Brisley against an Australian 11 (13). To call the evening a success is an understatement; without question it was the greatest evening of cricket I have ever been a part of, and by far the greatest attended match I have ever seen at Brisley. This will be talked about by all who were a part of this celebration for years to come. The final match was of course the most village cricket style match we played against the Nocturnes or Philip Curl 11, the match was quintessentially all I love about English village cricket and played in great spirit finishing with a win by one run to the home side, once again with many spectators who all enjoyed the revitalisation of the Brisley Cricket Club. 

Special thanks for making 2016 possible; The Brisley Bell, Philip Curl and Agrii for sponsorship, Dereham Cricket Club for hiring the facilities and keeping them in good order, the parish council for providing a much needed emergency loan. Also to Dave Pearson for being Treasurer, BBQ chef and tireless effort in ground and clubhouse maintenance, David Steele for being Chairman, the ground maintenance and looking over the club. Robert Longworth for providing the necessary skills and equipment for the clubhouse renovations. Sarah Savage, Sara Fordham and Helen Laws for organising, cooking and preparing food, and also keeping the clubhouse in order on match nights. Andrew Savage for being the MC to the successful quiz nights. Special mention for helping through the year also to Graham Spencer, Archie Savage, Edward Savage and William Longworth, plus the many others who have helped throughout the year. 2016 has been a steep learning curve for me, it has been a privilege and honour to aid the club moving forward and bring people together. I thank everyone from within the club, village and supporters for their continued support and encouragement which has help to fuel the rapid development over the past 12 months. In my book, 2016 has been a success and long may it continue.

Brett Fordham 14 October 2016