Oktoberfest 2019

In the early summer of 2019 our beloved old Jacobsen mower slipped off its hydraulic coil, funds needed to be raised, a new mower was required.

Heads were scratched, brows were furrowed then the light bulb moment……………….Project Oktoberfest was born.

When, where and most importantly how were the questions asked. “I have booked an Ooompah Band for 14th October” someone piped up, we were committed.

Meetings were held, plans were made, then changed and changed again.

Tables from Leicestershire, Steins from Cambridgeshire, Sausages imported from Germany and an Ooompah Band flow in from Abu Dhabi all achieved effortlessly under the guidance of our Chair.

A few days and some quite sore backs meant the barn, kitchen and everything else was in place ready for 5.30 that day. Steins were quaffed, shots were downed, wursts(6 of them) were available along with Strudels and home made Black Forest Gateaux.

We danced in the aisles, we danced on the tables, one or two of us fell off the tables too. The Leiderhosen and Dirndl wearers all looked amazing. We partied until late, some slept where they fell. Many had a night to remember some might not remember too much at all

There are far too many people to thank each one individually but a mention and thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, to those who came along and supported the event and a special mention to the Waters family without who’s support we might still be looking for a venue.

The pictures below perfectly show what an amazing night it was, keep space in your diary Oktoberfest 2020 will soon be here






Posted by Fiona Richardson on Saturday, 12 October 2019