We are arranging a Classic / Historic Car Display for the afternoon of Sunday 5th September at Brisley Hall, and you are invited to use the opportunity to display your vehicle.

The following arrangements are being made –

·         The purpose of the event is to gauge interest and support for a similar future event based in Brisley Village.

·         It is being held on private land, with no responsibility being accepted by the owners for any ‘misadventures’ 😊

·         This is a non-profit making event, with no charge for attending or displaying.

·         Attendance and display will be entirely at your own risk, there is no insurance cover available.

·         You will be deemed to have in place all necessary legal compliance necessary for the vehicle and your activity.

·         The display area is a large grassed meadow. Consequently if your vehicle ‘leaks’ you are asked to bring a tray / system to avoid contaminating the display area.

·         Gates will be open for access / delivery from 11 a.m. on the 5th

·         The Display running from noon until 4 p.m.  Vehicles to be removed by 5 p.m.

·         It will be open to interested members of the public.

·         A BBQ and soft drinks will be available at cost. Bring your own picnic or drinks as you wish (canopies / chairs / tables, umbrellas as you need etc.).

For further information please contact Dick Dykes on 07860 274159 or by email to admin@dykesassociates.co.uk