The Thatched House Update
Number 12
Monday started off a bit wet – bedding my asparagus in nicely. We did some exercise, me in the garage and Clare in the house – by doing physical jerks it means you can stuff your face without any issues, I read it somewhere.
Later on we erected the bunting up outside the house and set the dogs their task of guarding it from potential bunting thieves.
The day nipped along quickly,, we drank 37 cups of tea, or maybe more and the sun came out. We didn’t see a lot of the sun as we had drunk so much tea we were nipping for a Jimmy most of the day. We finished our Christmas Victoria biscuits, they had gone a little soft but with dunking they revived. All the years of dunking had perfected the art and no bit of biscuit disappeared into the mug.
After tea, roasted celeriac,  carrot and courgette accompanied by homemade broccoli, mushroom and stilton tarts we watched Tele.
Celeriac is a weird looking thing, it’s a cross between a brain and something you find in the bottom of your PE bag. Ours had gone a little squidgy, however after de-squidging and roasting it tasted surprisingly nice.
We watched Mastermind then University Challenge.  After Mastermind we felt smug as we had answered quite a few questions. After U/C we were de-smugged as we hadn’t understood the questions let alone answer them.
Masterchef semi finals came on and they dumped the shell shocked remainder on a war ship with a head chef who looked like Brutus from Popeye.
They cooked stuff like chocolate soil and served food with emulsion – the soil looked like spat out stuff and the emulsion a dribble of something alien
The contestants were given half an hour to prepare and cook, what appeared to be half of the worlds fish stocks and a herd of deer.
Brutus and his frightened team stood by telling the embattled few that they were going to serve the food late, unsurprisingly they did, but did a good job.
The diners, 120 of them wore either blue shirts or white shirts. The blue shirted folk looked like the workers, whilst the white shirted band looked slightly squidgy, full of themselves and kept well aoart from the blue folk, much the same as civvi street.
Anyway enough of my ramblings
Ah one other thing Clare has a new jigsaw. The old 999 piece one had been put back into the swap box and another one taken out – update on the build tomorrow.
Take care and keep safe
Ian Clare and The Furries
PS – Look out for the cycling flasher on Thursday night – appearing at 7.45 pm, just before the 8pm clap on the streets of Brisley.