Well yesterday was remarkably similar to Thursday, we really must get out more. My raised beds are rising and the gable end restoration is coming along nicely.
After a day mixing cement and laying blocks we ventured out for a walk with the tribe.
 Halfway down School Road we were spotted by Ro who nipped out for a socially distant chat. We discussed the topical issues of people dying, loneliness and people’s fears. The conversation suddenly turned to very dark serious issues like our depleting wine and beer stocks.
We continued onto The Amenity looking forward to pooper scooping to break the monotony and boredom.
We saw JD sitting on a bench talking on her mobile. JD looked very stylish in her white cashmere top, designer sunglasses, tailored trousers and loafers. I myself was carrying my own individual style.
It did cross my mind that if I were ever to consult a style guru, they would quickly self isolate and shudder at the task ahead.
On the way back home we stopped for a chat with Mr Clay Barn. A really nice chap but our dogs were yapping so much that it was more of a remedial lesson in lip reading and sign language. Probably not a bad time to dig out my book on semaphore.
We didn’t dine on fish and chips as we had hoped but did have beer, wine and pizza. Having had to phone around the previous day and cancel the chip run I was really pleased to be able to tell folks it was back on, The Little Chippy at Litcham saving the day. I fear getting ‘battered” if I have to cancel tonight.
Bojo and the Health Secretary have succumbed to the virus and sadly the idiot Trump has not.  The Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty looks like he needs a good meal, several trips to the tanning salon and a touch of excitement in his life. That said I personally respect him and find him a calming, if not alien lookalike, influence.
Anyway the weekends here, Peter Kay made me laugh on the box last night.
NOW what shall we do today, probably have a quiet one st home, make a nice change!
Take care, keep safe and keep smiling