Footpaths and Brisley Green

There are a number of footpaths in and around Brisley that Norfolk County Council tries to keep well maintained for your enjoyment. You will find these marked on the map outside The Bell Public House, and on the local Ordnance Survey maps.

Highways Act 1980
A deposit has been entered into the Register of Deposits and Declarations with Ref. Nos. D17 07
This sets out the existing Rights of Way and indicates that the landowner does not intend to dedicate additional public rights of way over his land – and could legally fence off any path used other than the rights of way indicated in his deposit.
Further information can be obtained from:

Brisley Green itself is freehold land. Villagers are welcome to enjoy The Green.
However, it is a common with specific grazing rights, which are exercised actively and cattle and sheep graze freely most of the year. Without being dictatorial, there have to be some common sense rules to ensure everyone’s safety. The principle rules are that dogs must be kept under the strictest control and visitors must be aware of and respect the grazing animals. The cattle and sheep may not be approached under any circumstances, particularly with a dog, as this could prove very dangerous. Please also be aware that there are a number of ponds of varying depths around the margin of The Green.

The Green is a haven for wildlife, so please respect the habitat, in particular during the nesting season (February to July). During this season, the Green should not be disturbed unduly and dogs kept at heel or on a short lead and away from any rough terrain where ground-nesting birds (e.g. English Partridge) may be found. Please respect the privacy of the private dwellings around the Green and also comply with the Countryside Code throughout the village. Please do ask any of your Parish Councillors if you have any queries about the Green and we would be delighted to chat with you.