The Thatched House Update – Number 8

Thursday was a day when we woke up late. Strange really as we rarely have a lie in Clare had had a brainwave to stop the sunlight penetrating our bedroom window at 6am. She had cleverly cut up and constructed a rigid but flexible plastic “Thing” that slips nicely into the window recess. This eliminates any light penetrating our boudoir.

Whilst this device is good for sleeping it does present it’s own issues.

An example of this was the other night when I nipped out of bed for a Jimmy. Not wanting to rouse my betrothed I crept like a stealth bomber towards the little room. Feeling my way around like Stevie Wonder I miscalculated and crunched my toe against the door frame. Resisting the temptation to shout out something like ” f in hell ” I creakily opened the bedroom door only to trip over a five stone Bearded collie happily snoozing on the landing. Mr Charlie resisted not and made his feelings known in a very vocal way.

The day nipped by in a flash with various necessary chores being undertaken. In real life these necessary chores would have been sneakily body swerved but now they were being done.

Evening came and great excitement arose with the live streaming from the National Theatre. We had resisted the thoughts of dressing up for the occasion and just slobbed about as normal, well I did.

Although only a Thursday I sneakily drained a couple of jars and bloody enjoyed them.

My initial reactions to the live streaming was that it was rubbish, however Clare advised me to stick with it, I did and enjoyed it.

The 8pm clap, perhaps I should rethink this phrase, was undertaken with gusto. JD joined us with her pan and striker and we all enthusiastically banged our instruments in the public domain.

Beetroot, haloumi, mushroom, tomatoes, avocado and chille wraps were devoured.

Previously when I had munched beetroot wraps I had noticed that my wee wee had a bright red colour, initially shocked I had comforted myself that it was food induced and I had not need to bother 111. I Wonder if I will have the same out if body experience.

Anyway enough of my ramblings – speak tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe

Ian Clare and The Furries