Good Morning everyone, a quick reminder that it is Thursday and this evening we invite you all once again to show your appreciation to the NHS and all of our key workers. 8pm is the time, but if you venture outside around 7.45 you may see the phantom flashing cyclist riding through our village.
The Thatched House Update
Number 14
Well it’s another day of  lockdown completed. Today I listened to Popmaster with Ken Bruce at 10.30. The idea is that you stop work, grab a  coffee and compete with the on air competitors. Well yesterday I didn’t need to stop work as I hadn’t actually started any.
 Clare appeared with healthy butter drenched, marmite soaked crumpets and freshly perked coffee, a real treat.
After the slow start our springs uncoiled and we again worked on the gable end. Afterwards I tried to fix a puncture on my bike, but failed not having the correct tube. A shed base was then constructed and we felt our springs were in need of recoiling.
After a reviving cuppa we walked the yapping trio down to the Amenity. We saw AS in the street. We had seen him a couple of weeks ago in shorts, his milk bottle white legs, warring with the biting wind. He had brazenly  said that once the shorts were out, the longies would remain off.
 However since that day and with the weather having improved dramatically the shorts have been discarded. We have amusingly joked with him and he has come up with lame excuses about his dress. Yesterday however was not the time for quips, he had a removed look about him and was brandishing a rather large  hammer. We passed by, pressed against the opposite hedge line, avoiding eye contact.
Once on the Amenity  we were relieved to see him de-plasticing the tree’s – his serial killer instincts turned to better use.
Whilst cooking tea, pea and lemon risotto (No mushrooms) we watched The Repair Shop. The general gist is that if you want to appear on the tele you take an old bit of tatt to an expert who lives in an old barn in Kent. They mutter something under their breath, sort it out and you collect it
When you collect it they have it covered over with an old curtain, they reveal all and you shed a tear, all this makes good Tele.
 Last night’s programme followed the script and an old toy bus, a tatty music stool and “Nessie” spotting binos were sorted out. Most popped up on eBay within a few mins.
Masterchef followed. The remaining contestants are a mix of sexes, races and possibly sexual orientation. All that’s missing is a Humanist and a vegetarian.
A top chef, John from Scotland, made an appearance. He got them all to cook his favourite dishes, like he cooked them himself. Most of us go out for something that we don’t eat at home but this bloke seemed to want exactly what he had at home. I guess he just couldn’t be arsed to cook it himself
Anyway two were jettisoned off the show, the big smiley turban wearing chap and The tall good looking ex rugby guy. The first chap seemed to spend the entire show making a mess then the final ten minutes trying to cook something. The rugby guy served up raw lamb for the second time. He did however cook his spuds OK. They seemed shocked to be leaving but I wasn’t.
Anyway have a nice day, keep safe and keep happy.
Ian Clare and The Furries