Well Saturday was another strange day, no footie and sneaky visit to the pub. It started off with us deciding to make a cake. Clare had suggested a fruit cake, being ambitious I suggested a previously unattempted lemon drizzle. Anyway after a few minutes of faffing we decided to make both.
Within about half an hour our kitchen resembled a scene from War of the Worlds. If the food processor could have displayed emotion it would have been one of shock and disbelief at being dragged from the back of the cupboard and having dust wiped from it’s bits !
With beginners luck, on line recipes and studious concentration the finished mixes were spooned into baking tins. There was a definite air of smugness in the kitchen. I personally felt that if I had been in the Master Chef studio I would have immediately been given a much coveted apron. I certainly would not have had to magic up two courses of stuff, serving to three overweight, over critical, over paid critics,
Anyway the aromas started to envelope our nostrils and our anticipatory taste bus were very much alive. After the allotted cooking time the oven door was carefully cranked open. The scene was one of surprise – in short the lemon drizzle had tried to do a runner, the vision was like a sponge glacier. Clearly the choice of cooking vessel had been the wrong one.
The cakes came out and after a few Zorro type wishes with a sharp knife the drizzle explosion was trimmed to resemble a cake. The runaway excess was gobbled down greedily by both humans and furries.
We then set off for our daily exercise, dressing in survival type layers as it was a tadd nippy around ones chalfonts, We had a lovely long walk, taking in Bilney woods and various footpaths, nice saunter. However as unanticipated the temperature rose and on return any cobs that we may have had hidden were well and truly sweated off. Our canine trio had been fine. Whilst the had piddled an infinite number of times, emptying their on-board tanks; they had found clear water sources to replenish them. This of course meant that within a few minutes of getting home they needed a wee.
We did our chip run and I salute The Little Chippy at Litcham. They were organised and extremely helpful- well done team. Clare acted as the runner and I felt like a getaway driver. As Clare left the car, it was like a scene from Treasure Hunt and I discovered  that if I closed one eye my wife bore a passing resemblance to Aneka Rice. Seeing her hand over white paper parcels, taking money and everyone acting with a furtive appearance, gave the picture of my wife dealing in illegal substances.
We didn’t have any of the delicious smelling fayre but dined on baked camembert, sweet chille sauce and toasted pitta bread. Having only devoured 3000 calories of cheese I still managed to force down a family size slice of lemon drizzle. Consoling myself that the cake had only contained a wheelbarrow of sugar, two buckets of butter and four large “Barkers” duck eggs I figured that it would be beneficial to my health. Any self respecting¬† dietician would have applauded my health concious attitude, particularly if I slipped them a few quid.
Anyway stay safe, keep smiling