We are all enjoying the words and wit in our daily updates from The Thatched House, hopefully Ian will continue to lighten and brighten our days for some time to come. He has inspired another writer to jot down his thoughts to share with us all, fellow villagers I present for your delight and delectation,
Having just received an e-mail with a copy of Ian’s “diary” I have been inspired to start my own Diary – not that I expect it come up to the entertaining wit of Ian’s, but it may be of some passing interest. Never in my 85 years have I ever contemplated such a thing, believing that Diaries were only a means of giving little people a sense of self importance ! However perhaps in these times a record of “happenings” might have a relevance. At least it will take me away from the gloom of the Saturday newspaper that I was just reading – even though it is Sunday today – the papers were delivered yesterday but were carefully removed from the letter box using my surgical gloves, placed in a paper bag and left until today ( we are told that the virus can only survive on Cardboard for 24 hours so that should be the same for paper ! )
I think I will start my diary from yesterday. Being in our 80’s we are obeying the order to self-isolate with our daughter doing the shopping but we decided we wanted some eggs so I donned the now ever present surgical gloves, got in my car -which no one had used for a week so could not have had any virus, went to the egg farm, where there was no one else, and picked the eggs with my gloves on – only to find on my return home a warning message on my computer from my daughter NEVER DO THAT AGAIN ! Talk about being “mothered “ by your children.
Like everyone we are getting back to basics and Enid has decided to start playing the piano again – as I sat listening to the rather hesitant and stilted strains of old favourites I could hear the creaking of knuckles as unused joints began to loosen !
Back to today, Sunday, everyone is saying that the virus is bringing back the war-time spirit -well a neighbour has brought us a large box of eggs that he said “fell of the back of a lorry “ Now that really does take me back to the war when I often remember my father bringing “goodies” home which he said fell off the back of a lorry !! Actually I believe that these eggs really did do just that !
Just read in the papers that it is safe to read them ! I’m not sure about that , they seem to do nothing for my mental health ! At least we can go and blow the cobwebs away on the cold and windy wastes of the Amenity area and forget all about it.
Its Monday and we have had another surprise. A another friendly resident has left a dozen eggs outside our door !! Oh goody , Looks like its going to be omelettes for the foreseeable future ! I might need a laxative soon ! – or perhaps not because we are anxiously waiting to hear how our son and daughter-in-law are getting on as they have just got back from Mexico with having had a nightmare few weeks trying to get home and are self -isolating to see if anything develops.
Its now Thursday, Been too busy to write before – patios are all now scrubbed clean, nothing left to do in the garden for now. So back to the diary. Good news is that Son and daughter-in -law haven’t developed any symptoms – bad news is the Alex, our granddaughter who is a trainee nurse at the Cardiff Hospital has now developed the symptoms, so worrying times for the next few days.