PARISH COUNCILLORS                          CONTACT NO.                                      RESPONSIBILITIES


Mr Edward Coe (Chairman)                       667769                                          North Green Inspection.

Mrs Katherine Brown (Vice-Chair)              668680

Mr Tony Irons                                          668172                                          Play area and Churchyard Inspections.

Mrs Nicola Curl                                                                                             South Green Inspection.

Mr Peter Dennis                                       668003                                          Patch Corner and Allotment Inspections

Mr Bobby Green                                       668346                                         Stiles, North and South Green Inspections


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 Councillors’ register of interests on the Breckland Council website         

All councillors are trustees of the Townlands Charity pertaining to the parish of Brisley.                                                                                      

Councillors will be pleased to discuss any matter concerning Brisley Parish and to submit topics for inclusion on a Parish Council Meeting Agenda.




Mr Mark Kiddle-Morris                                 01328 701370





Mr Gordon Bambridge                                01603 880557

Mr Bill Borrett                                            01362 860200



Mrs Sheryl Irving                                         667756

Bay Tree Cottage                               

School Road


NR20 5LH


Residents are invited to contact the Clerk to submit Parish Council agenda items.



Parish Council meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday in every month apart from January and August when there will be no meeting.


Meetings normally commence at 7.00pm and all are welcome.